Bosch vs IFB Washing Machine [March – 2020] – Complete Review


Bosch vs IFB Washing Machine is amongst the main washing machine brands in India. Bosch vs IFB Washing Machine get a number of inquiries from the buyers, requesting which from the two is a superior brand? I have written this article point by point review compare Bosch vs IFB Washing Machine in India.

This post will take the show at the general picture just as compared to their products in singular categories like Front Load, Top Load and Washing machines with various wash limits. This will enable you to focus on the correct models for your needs.

Generally Speaking Comparision: Bosch vs IFB Washing Machine

Bosch vs IFB Washing Machine Build Quality: The build quality of Bosch is obvious when you look at the machine. It works in a very strong way and you ought not to face any issues for quite a long time to come.

  • Bosch is won

Service Quality: There was when IFB was known for its service quality. Be that as it may, of late, they have slipped a lot. You can peruse a lot of surveys on Flipkart and Amazon expressing no establishment accomplished for 7 to 10 days even post subsequent meet-ups. Bosch, then again, has great service quality. The agents sent are likewise very effective in their occupations.

  • Bosch expands the lead more.

Bosch vs IFB Washing Machine Cost: There was when Bosch was viewed as a costly and premium brand, while IFB was progressively a brand for the normal white-collar class. A lot of individuals still have a similar observation. Nonetheless, Bosch presently has invented a very focused product go that is estimated comparatively if not less expensive to a tantamount product by IFB

  • The two brands share the focuses on this one

Bosch vs IFB Washing Machine – Features: On paper, both IFB, just as Bosch, have comparable features. They have named the innovations distinctively yet in all work take care of a similar issue. Notwithstanding, as I said above, Bosch has a superior build quality. Thus, I personally feel that their machines make less noise and vibrations compared with IFB. I will rundown down detailed of the advancements used toward the finish of the article.

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Bosch vs IFB Washing Machine Comparision

Bosch vs IFB Washing Machine

Bosch Washing Machine Technologies

AntiTangle-Break free from tangles

We know that you try every one of the efforts to complete care of your new and costly clothes. In any case, washes can be brutal on your clothing. Clothes end up in a tangle during wash cycles and should be pulled and tucked while you takeoff them from the machine. This puts your clothes in danger of harm.

Introducing the all-new AntiTangle washing machine. It keeps your clothes free from tangles and free from harm. Simply press the AntiTangle button for washes that don’t wind up in a tangle.

VarioDrum Engineered to ensure fine fabric every step of the way.

Bosch VarioDrum highlights an excellent design that is delicate on clothes yet extreme on dirt. As the drum spins a single way, the level side of the paddle cleans fine materials and when it spins the other way, the lofty side of the paddle ensures a deep clean with its wave-bead design.

ActiveWater Plus with 256 burden detecting levels

ActiveWater Plus works as a blend of 256 burden detecting levels, enhanced water use, and our extraordinary drum system. An intelligent feature that adjusts the water level by detecting the measure of burden and fabric type. The clothing is splashed quicker and all the more equitably through the streamlined water inflow which is especially mild and fine. On account of the VarioSoft or Vario drum structure and paddles, the water gets distributed all the more consistently and quickly.

AntiVibration Design More balance, less vibration

Presently rest calmly at night time while your washing machine works absent a lot of noises. The AntiVibration Design of Bosch washing machines decrease vibrations during the spin cycle and are designed to guarantee the machine doesn’t shake when in real life


This is calm, durable and strong. It ensures low power consumption and high cleaning proficiency. It works without brushes and ensures top outcomes. Not simply that, its creative innovation works without friction for all intents and purposes wear-free operation.

IFB Washing Machine Technologies

IFB is one of the uncommon, neighborhood yet world-class premium brand. It is the market chief in the front loaders portion involving over 40% of the market. This number is humongous given that even LG, the removed second involves around 32%. These measurements say a lot about the nearness this four-decade-old brand has, in this portion. In spite of the fact that set up in 1974 as building apparatuses and blanking segment makers, however, now has a strong nearness in the customer gadgets advertise. Foraying into the washing machine fragment at the hour of monetary progression in 1991, the organization has made some amazing progress and situated itself as a market pioneer in the front loader portion. The assembled nature of the IFB washing machine is predominant. Industry specialists figure this is because of its organization with Bosch and Siemens when it chose to leave into the electrical machines section.

Key Washing Machine Technologies

Smart Loader to Smartly Manage Your Laundry

Smart Loaders are another class of washing machine which IFB accepts are India’s first smart washing machine. It is smart as it deals with the unique needs generally unrealistic with regular washing machines. For instance, it smartly perceives vigorously grimy school uniform which your child would have recolored during the as of late finished up game to the close imperceptible stray string of your doggie’s hair tucked inside your T-shirt. Smart loaders are also outfitted with smart innovations to spare power and along these lines your hard-earned cash. Best of all, Smart Loaders accompanies 4 years of guarantee. Not just this, it also accompanies 10 years’ extra parts bolster guarantee.

Wide Gamut of Wash Styles Soothing Your Specialized Need

Another type of IFB front loaders offers a wide scope of washing styles like:

  • Air pocket Wash
  • 360° Wash
  • Support Wash
  • O2 Wash
  • Steam Wash

360° Wash

360° wash is accomplished utilizing an unprecedented however intriguing water system that gushes the water in a 360° way inside the drum. IFB shows sharp building where water in the wash framework is showered out legitimately through a spout on the articles of clothing under wash, with the explicitly structured drum coursing it for 360-degree movement. This wash guarantees that the stacked garments are as a rule equitably drenched with cleanser appropriately infiltrating to give a perfect wash

O2 Wash

O2 wash is the mechanical advancement by IFB wherein the washer creates a large number of air bubbles that dives deep into the texture to expel out the difficult earth to give a perfect wash. And after that during the flush spin through the 3D wash framework, the washer powers out all the cleanser off the pieces of clothing with the goal that the washed-out garments tell the truth out of the machine.

Support Wash

Progressive washing styles like 360° and O2 are truly successful for giving without stain wash for an intensely grimy enormous heap of laundry. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about the fragile wears? Indeed, the appropriate response is IFB’s Cradle wash. Support wash is impeccably made for washing the fragile garments like glossy silks, bands, silk and so on, counteracting the washer and the cleanser to get excessively brutal on them. Support wash in this way guarantees the delicate consideration such fragile pieces of clothing merit.

Steam Wash

At the top of the line, IFB washing machine water, and steam shape a powerful couple. A little extent of water can be utilized to create a great deal of steam, which at that point grows to possess more volume. Steam wash helps in supplementing the water wash, by keeping the stacked laundry delicate, delicate and without a wrinkle.

IFB Aqua Energie to Tackle and Treat Hard Water

The hard water issue is normal in different places crosswise over India. Other than the evil wellbeing sway that hard water causes, it is also perilous to the washer. It winds up hard to break down cleanser in hard water is utilized in the washer. Also, white layers of deposits get collected around the drum and the stock pipe, along these lines stifling them. To handle this test emerging out of hard water IFB has concocted Aqua Energie innovation.

The primary motivation behind Aqua Energie’s innovation is to treat and change over hard water to delicate. Models furnished with this innovation have a worked in water channel that separates the bicarbonates in hard water into minutely fine precious stones. Because of little size of this created precious stones, they are effectively expelled close by the progression of water. Along these lines, thusly it mitigates the danger of scale gathering on basic machine parts and in this way getting gagged. This treated water also restores the viability of cleanser for cleaning.

Profound Cleaning with Bi-pivotal Rotation 4D Swirl Jet and Crescent Moon Drum

Premium IFB top burden washing machine comes stacked with different advances that grant profound and careful cleaning. First is the bi-pivotal movement innovation which at first causes the garments to turn on a level plane. Afterward, they are vertically tumbled. This guarantees the “360-degree wash” of the embedded laundry by giving all the garments an equivalent possibility for a healthy wash. Complimenting bi-hub pivot there are 4 powerful water flies that make faultless profound cleaning.

Ordinary soil either stalls out somewhere down in the texture or sticks to the garments because of the tenacity of oil-like substances discharged by our skin. This is the place profound clean washing machines from IFB acts the hero. Present-day IFB top burden washing machines accompany delicate clean cushions that tenderly scour off these difficult earth particles utilizing incredible whirl planes. These whirl planes utilizing the middle punch mechanical activity tenderly presses out the resolved earth particles out of the garments.

A drum of the cutting edge IFB washing machine accompanies bow moon structure. Smooth sickle grooves on the outside of the drum make a delicate wash pad during the wash cycle with the goal that the holiness of the material’s texture is safeguarded.

Triadic Pulsator

Despite the fact that IFB is the market chief in front loaders, it is making an endeavor to cook crowd leaning toward top loaders. Over the most recent couple of years, IFB has been assembling top loader washing machines as well and intriguing with its washing execution in this kind of washers too. Triadic Pulsator utilized in the new very good quality IFB washing machines is the declaration of that. It has delicate clean cushions for delicate expulsion of stains. At that point, the incredible whirl 3D stream of water is enacted, which aides in dislodging soil from each edge of the articles of clothing.

Helpful Washing With Laundry Add, Time Delay, and Auto Load Balancing

Front-load IFB washing machines accompany Laundry Add that gives you a chance to include laundry things in the middle of the running wash cycle on the off chance that you neglect to include them prior. This as well, without you expecting to trust that the full cycle will finish.

On the off chance that you stressed if including garments in the middle of would upset the equalization of the heap inside the washing machine, there is Auto Balance work which would consequently be adjusted the heap by redistribution of the laundry components. At last, there is a Time Delay alternative that enables you to defer the beginning of a wash cycle according to your necessity. You can modify this defer time between 30 minutes to 24 hours.

All-Around Protection with Voltage Protection, Auto Restart, and Child Lock

Present-day IFB washing machines are well furnished with defensive innovations to protect you from the notions of voltage, risks of intensity cuts, and the naughtiness of little children.

Power blackouts are the same old thing in India–we as a whole have or far more atrocious do normally confront that. Also, at whatever point power goes the washing machine settings are for the most part reset to default, abrogating the settings which were in real life just before the power cut. Yet, fortunately, present-day IFB washing machines accompany a devoted memory component which spares the wash cycle and related settings with the goal that your washer resumes when the power returns.

Also, voltage changes are a reaction of intensity cuts. Since when power returns there is a flood in the provided power which can be hindering the life of enormous electrical apparatuses like a washing machine.

New IFB washing machines are secured with voltage insurance innovation wherein an inbuilt smart small scale controller stops the washing machine when the provided voltage is past the safe working point of confinement and resumes the activity when the voltage level settles.

Another beneficial thing about new IFB washers is that they accompanied a Child Lock alternative with the goal that the energy of your little child doesn’t miss the washing machine’s setting.

IFB – Is Fine or Bad?

In spite of the fact that IFB has great clout over the washing machine section in India, despite everything it has the degree for development. We should perceive what’s extraordinary about IFBs and what’s not all that great.

Beneficial things first. One of the exemplary substances of the IFB washing machine is its speedy wash time contrasted with other premium brands like Samsung or LG. Fast wash usefulness accessible in high washers is really speedy in finishing the cleaning. Also, some smart loaders give a rapid variable recurrence drive engine fit for timing 1400 RPM which surpasses its rivals. In addition, it’s heap flexible; which means you can change the speed of the engine to suit your needs of laundry. Also, the hard water to delicate water change is an extraordinary utility choice for those living in towns where supply-water is typically hard.

Discussing the not very great stuff, IFB washer’s assemble quality isn’t as premium as those offered by LG or Whirlpool. In spite of the fact that IFB is an entirely dependable and strong brand, it needs imaginative highlights offered by Samsung or LG washers. For instance, to counter FlexWash by Samsung or TwinWash by LG there isn’t any unmistakable option from IFB. Also, you may discover some issues with IFB benefits in some level 2 or level 3 urban communities and towns with IFB washers.


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